Kips Bay Engagement Photographer | Christina + Alex

While their paths first crossed during 4th grade, it wasn't until Christina and Alex were both captains of their respective boy/girl athletic teams senior year of high school that they started dating. After graduation, they transcended long distance for 4 years during college before moving to NYC 3 years ago - finally enjoying time together in the same city. Fast forward to present day, their's is a life filled with med school, residency programs, and long walks with their sweet 1 year old Havanese pup, Zoe.

And so we set out to capture a day in the life of C & A. First stop: a stroll with Zoe through the charming town homes of their Kips Bay neighborhood. Next up, a nod to the many hours of their dedication to all things medicine with a visit to Bellevue, the oldest public hospital in the U.S. With stops along the way capturing the Empire State & Chrysler Buildings (a tribute to Christina's affinity for all things art deco) in the not-so-distant distance, we rounded off our time together at the East River Esplanade with sun-lit views of Long Island City... a nod to the Island they first called home and foreshadow of where they'll first call each other Mr. and Mrs.