Naya Traveler Feature | Morocco Travel Photographer

I'm very excited to share something a little different today! It's no secret that I love - nay, live - to travel, but my experiences and photos rarely transcend hand written scribbles and external hard drives. Until now. Thanks to the inspiring women at Naya Traveler who are working to transform the tourist industry with uniquely tailored & deeply meaningful conscious travel, a beautifully curated retelling in words and images of my adventures in Morocco is now live on their site. For anyone interested in exploring this incredible planet with "naya" (purpose) be sure to check out the great work they're doing.

I invite you to grab a warm drink and a cozy corner as you delve into my guest write-up about Morocco hosted on the Naya Traveler website.

And to see even more from my Moroccan adventures, be sure to check out the new Assilah, Fez, Rabat and Chefchaouen galleries now live on the new "adventure" section of my site.