My Ladies | new york's female photographers

Each week I meet with an incredible group of ladies. We swap stories, share encouragement, and devour delicious treats (obviously!). These women have become my rock.

We come together and celebrate what makes us each so unique - in both personality and photographic style. We cheer for each other's victories and cry for each other's trials. We challenge one another to dig deeper, reach further, and sing louder.

Yes, we are all photographers (and extraordinarily talented ones at that!), but we are first and foremost women. Kind, caring, genuine, exceptional women.

And so, yesterday we decided to celebrate one another's beauty in the best way we know how - with photographs! As it turns out, slipping into paparazzi-style photo fun with Caroline, Amy, Kristen, Lisa, Diane, and Jess is just about the best way to spend a Tuesday afternoon. Though I could have guessed that ;)

And I must give a nod to more of our favourite ladies: Angela, Cassi, Allison, Bethany, Kristy, Christina, Julianne, Judy, Lindsay, Jaine, and Sidney... we'll catch you next time :) That's a promise!

Check out Caroline's Blog post for more pics, detailed descriptions of each beautiful lady, and some hilarious behind the scenes shots!

Annnnnddd... be sure to check back tomorrow for the big reveal of yesterday's photos of yours truly