On the Other Side of the Lens...

So, I've been absolutely flat out with... well, I don't know exactly. Life? Work? Play!

But here's a quick post to keep my blog alive until I have a bit of time to delve into details...

I'm super excited/nervous about my shoot this weekend. As in, a shoot of ME! How ironic that as a photographer I have rarely been in front of the lens. Here I am convincing other people how valuable it is to have photographs of themselves and then I hardly ever take the time/money/effort to have a session myself. Well all that's about to change! I've hooked the very talented fellow Brooklyn photographer Lindsay Taryn for a sunset shoot set for this coming May Day - and I couldn't be more thrilled! Here I am with racing thoughts of what to wear (Of course I MUST buy a new dress!) and how to style my hair and which shoes will match which accessories and "OMG I need a stylist"... (for those of you who don't know me personally, I don't really talk like that!... I just want to clear that up right now.)

Being the closet control freak that I am I have outlined very specific guidelines of what I have envisioned while also trying to play it cool and act like it will all just fall into place. (p.s. Lindsay, thank you in advance for finding a way to curb my enthusiasm!)

In a recent email to Lindsay, I outlined:

"And... now here's my inspiration. Did I just completely copy & paste these from an Anthropologie catalogue? Maybe. And have I come to accept the fact that I'm not a model? Maybe not :) So these are a very LOOSE representation of the style/feel I'm thinking of... but much less moody and much more happy! Also, much shallower depth of field - we're shooting portraits here people, not fashion :) Oh, and a few sun spots. I LOVE me some sun spots!"

Oh, Dear Lord! Stop me now.

Lindsay is just straight up AMAZING so I can't wait to plaster her talent all over my new website!

Check out the delicious Heather Marks photographed for the April '11 Anthropolgie lookbook by Tim Melideo.